Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Do You Feel Grateful, But Struggle?

I have a lot to be grateful for, but at the same time, like most of us in this country I struggle. Health, both my physical and mental are in need of treatment, care and improvement. The biggest struggle I've had that's greatly impacted the quality of my life personally is that regarding money and finances. Ten years ago now my life took a turn I would never have imagined. I moved through it best I've been able, it's been a process, and afterwards many aspects of daily life have been forever negatively impacted. I have not had traditional employment in a few years. When I did, the pay was scarcely minimum wage. I've been trying to live from the monies earned by donating plasma, that and food stamps benefits. Those are some pretty tough margins to live within financially. 

When I first heard of the idea that the Federal Reserve was nothing to do with anything Federal, but is a private business, this was in 2010. A curious thing. I always wondered where money came from. I mean they just make it! It's simply printed. These are the people that get to make it, a group of global 'bankers'. Not much different than when you're playing monopoly and YOU'RE the banker. YOU control handing out the money, and collecting the money. What a scheme.

There are some very easy to understand videos on You Tube one can locate by using these phrases; 'Fiat Money', 'Money as Debt'. Some of them in cartoon form. It's a pretty 'heavy' subject, these have been able to simplify the concept and keep it 'light'; interesting and entertaining. Entertaining is truly the 'key', for that's the next area of knowledge and understanding that opened up for me. Our lives are pretty much a cycle of earning and spending money. Think about that, especially if your initial reaction is one of objection or insult to the idea. I would say many of us have come to this realization, but are kept so busy and distracted (and entertained), well -it's just a 'part of life', we pick up and go on accepting it. Everybody else around us does. It's not like questioning it is gonna change anything, right? I mean where or how would we EVEN START?!

I found out more by reading G. Edward Griffin. His website hosts a tremendous amount of research, and Mr. Griffin really ENCOURAGES you to do your own research, not simply take his or any one person's word. The more you look into this, the more it's both confirmed while the deeper the information grows. Astonishing isn't sufficient enough to describe the revelations, more like horrific. One begins to learn and understand why and how the term 'conspiracy theorists' was derived and put out there. If your big brother wanted to help himself to your diary, you might make him feel like a 'sissy' or a 'freak' for even wanting to read a girl's diary. You might attack his ego and demean him to dissuade the natural inclination of curiosity, you might bring others into this as a 'collective assault' to more effectively manipulate the outcome toward your favor. In this scenario though the party lacking integrity is being manipulated by the party who has every right to their privacy being respected, but does that justify nefarious manipulations?  If an individual or group of individuals wanted to get away with behaviors which were wrong and illegal, for which they could be held accountable, even made criminal, you suppose there would be enough at stake for them to care to learn how to manipulate the behaviors of those which they SHOULD be answering to? 

When I saw a video put out by Storm Clouds Gathering (You Tube, it sure can expediate one's knowledge base -on an almost endless number of topics!) regarding 'Psychology of the Crowd', boy oh boy were 'dots connected'. I can't emphasize enough the insult one must endure on this journey of fact-finding and revealing of truth. What has been done to us, as a culture, as a species, as a planet, atrocious can't begin to define it. It so much reminds me of how when one partner is being betrayed and cheated on by the other. These scenarios happen all the time. Have you ever attempted to tell a friend or someone with whom you associate, that this is being done by someone they trust or care about? It is NOT easy. In fact, sometimes you're viewed as the 'betrayer', the 'liar'! I've known of people who simply kept it to themselves because they were unsure of the reaction and ensuing treatment they would encounter. Being aware while watching another go through the tragedy of being deceived and lied to, is a deeply uncomfortable dilemma. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

This is pretty much what Neo, the character in the Matrix movie is being told when Morpheus explains; the very minds of the people we are trying to save... are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy... many are not ready to be unplugged... they are so injured, hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. In our above scenario that man, that woman whose partner is supposed to be legitimate in the care and concern for him / her, sees YOU offering the 'truth', as their enemy. The enemy is doing harm, it could not be the one they trust and believe in. That man or woman is dependent, through their love, emotional connection, etc., etc., on their partner, they are going to fight YOU, the enemy with the 'truth', to protect what they perceive themselves as having / needing.

While I can not fault any of us in such denial, in some form most of us have been on either side, as a victim or perpetrator (wrong-doer), it simply must be addressed. We must be willing to face the fear. I think we have to first acknowledge the fear, validate that natural reaction. But know we can not respond intelligently without first being willing to find the courage for honesty. To be honest, first with ourselves. What will 'it' mean, to admit we are being deceived, lied to, tricked, betrayed, used? The real attack is that being of our best interests, not of our egos any how! The care and freedom of every single human being and our planet as well is being denied, withheld. If we so desire, we can radically alter our present circumstances. But first we have to forgo our egos. We must face our fears. We do have not merely options, but the ability to choose lives that can be lived out in freedom.

This is not our current state of existence. Certainly no person with reasonable, legitimate skills of observation can deny the facts. I challenge you, for your own sake and that of our fellow human beings as well as the planet itself, to look up Fiat Money, Money as Debt, G. Edward Griffin, Storm Clouds Gathering, Psychology of the Crowd. I challenge you to employ your skills of observation, while putting first the best interest of ourselves as a species (not any one's ego), and to move forward with the courage to claim the freedom of life on this planet given to us by the right of our birth on to it...

Friday, May 2, 2014

What Are Your Intentions When You Claim A Belief System?

As a child of age 8 or 9 I became fascinated with the teachings of Christ. Probably specifically His Love. Real Love, which transcends all, which heals.

As I grew into adulthood I observed that people used the various dogma and doctrine of their paths to separate us, argue, fight, even to the degree of causing wars and killing. There's something wrong with that.

The Taoists say that to try and describe the Tao is to not know the Tao. I think that to worship a person and miss the message they taught / teach is insane, and that's what religion seems to accomplish. I would rather not be associated with anything and yet accomplish Being the Love that Christ taught. What you believe isn't as relevant as what you live. If True peace and Love are not in it, you're in alignment to create disharmony.

Peace is a reflection of Love. If you fail to Love and be an expression of that harmony, then it matters not what your doctrine or dogma say. If you disbelieve in anything called Divine, but live Love, Honor and Respect, you live a purpose for which we all should strive.

It is better to seek to understand than to be understood.

So I ask you to ask yourself, what are your intentions when you claim a belief system?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Believe In ...Humanity

And that doesn't require a belief in a Grand Organizing Design (GOD).

"God bless America". No! Please God bless Everyone, Everything, Everywhere. That's what 'God' is about, if you're 'about God' then you get that. And if you want your RIGHT to believe in God than how can you not respect another's RIGHT NOT TO? True spiritual understanding / faith / belief, gives the same respect it would expect in return.

I'll never understand why we have the symbols and wording on our money as we do. (I've studied their origin, not what I'm referring to.) They don't belong there! "One nation under God" does not belong in our pledge of allegiance, any more than Baphomet in statue form belongs at a state building. All of it should 'bother' you the same. Athiest, Agnostic, Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, -fill in whatever blank -you're a wanking, buggering idiot if you're unable to see past your 'beliefs'- that Everything we have needs to be about Love! You / we fail one another when we fail to be humanitarians. Epic, epic, FAIL.

Religion is a way of dividing us, people, humanity. "United we stand, divided - WE fall. FALL.

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." - Dresden James

Friday, March 21, 2014

Take Your Power Back, Live With Peace of Mind

What would it feel like?
What would it be like?
Can you Imagine?
Who is the you that ceases to be by giving power to pieces of paper?

I can not present it better than this collaboration. Click here.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cease Using the LABEL, Name Calling is Destructive!




Several years ago now the term 'sex offender' cropped up. When it did, something happened. A LABEL was constructed for those having been convicted OF A sex offense. Now they are one in the same. Not a clinical label, in it's form as it has come to be used, it is actually 'name calling'. Name calling under the premise that it is a definition of a type of person or group of people.

Due to media attention, 'Sex Offender' became synonymous to the high profile crimes committed, perpetrated by the most deviant and dangerous, with extremely heinous and hideous outcomes; abduction, sexual violation, murder. With great inertia and momentum from the sympathy naturally garnered of the public, we now have a very despised and loathed person, A 'sex offender'. And a group of people 'sex offenders', reduced to pariahs, monsters, to be feared and more over, necessary to be destroyed! 

There is a wrong doing here. We do not justify one wrong with another. Those convicted OF sex offenses are not one in the same as the deviant, criminally dangerous identity which the label now associates. In fact, depending on the state, there are OVER 200 violations and accompanied penal codes that will attribute to a sex offense for an individual. The involving of abduction, sexual violation and murder occur at a fraction of less than 1%. As opposed to the one concentrated, feared, archetypal, sexually driven monster, lurking in the shadows or behind shrubbery to abduct, molest, rape and kill our children, voluminous research and studies repeatedly report the same consistent findings and truths; 'Sex offender's' (those convicted OF sex offenses) are not a homogeneous group of individuals. They come from different socioeconomic levels, races, creeds, genders, age groups. These are everyday people in society. Factually over 90+% are first time offenders (no previous criminal convictions) and again, at a 90+% rate, they do not re-commit another sex offense. It is factually so; the overwhelming number of people which have been designated as 'sex offenders' are law-abiding members of society.

The ridiculous high recidivism rates we see reported by people, and in the news (those who should be accountable for accuracy, but sadly are not) are skewed; they include non-sex offenses in re-offense rates, and/or spread the high percentage of re-offense figures associated to those types of sex offenses with high recidivism, across the board on to the law abiding numbers of people having sex offense convictions. In reality the majority of people who carry the branding 'sex offender', are first-time offenders; having no previous criminal convictions, and do not commit another sex offense; specific recidivism. These are law abiding people!

So 'sex offender' in fact is not a definition for a person or group of people, other than having a sex offense conviction as the common thread. 'Sex offender' has come to be a label, for what it has come to be known as or associated with. It is nothing more than bigotry. To use the words 'sex offender' is unequivocally name calling and 'othering' (a term of Sociology): Other labels or name calling we now acknowledge as such (much to the improvement of humanity!); spic, kike, nigger, retard. Such slights are recognized for the ignorance and cruelty surrounding their use. So is it in referring to an individual as A 'sex offender'. It seeks to force a definition in place of acknowledging the qualities of a human being in that person. It serves to dehumanize; justifying excessive and relentless hatred and retaliation. Because, it is a form of bigotry. It is not acceptable. It is flat out WRONG.

Labeled 'sex offender' one is doomed to re-live payment for the actions and the crimes of the incredibly small percentage by comparison to the lot, of the truly sick, troubled and dangerous; those that by their make-up ARE highly inclined or destined to re-commit sex offenses / crimes. The desire for justice and retaliation of the criminally dangerous individuals perpetrating sex offenses has driven society to craft equally harmful and sick, destructive -in fact unconstitutional laws. Besides the ludicrous aspect of setting up unconstitutional laws, people are persuaded to believe safety can be achieved by such means! We are victimizing ourselves by allowing this. And for the overwhelming number of law-abiding individuals called 'sex offender', we are delusional in taking away their inalienable rights! This effectively and profoundly destroys any remote possibility to live within society, not to mention the extended perpetration and impact on their family members, ...and their children! People filled with hatred and ignorance to define and label a person as A 'sex offender' are justifying their own perpetration's. Two wrongs NEVER equal a right. Never.

Please, judgment or hatred for certain individuals or group of people is no justification for bigotry and cruelty. Have your opinions, but don't delude yourself. Hatred and bigotry are not acceptable rationalizations to banish a populous of human beings. So whether or not you can accept or even like a person convicted OF a sex offense, stop the bigotry, never refer to another human being AS A Sex Offender, thereby removing them of the dignity to be a fellow human being, a fellow citizen. You don't have to like someone to still treat them humanely.

This isn't about keeping society and children safe, there's a way to go about that. Even if this lunacy could be construed as curative / a 'cure', the ol' adage stands true "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"Education is the most powerful, useful tool to yield results and constructive consequences for our efforts.

Please take another 15 minutes or so to read this article. Particularly concerning Patty Wetterling as a parent of an abducted child, Jacob Wetterling. A woman dealing with the actuality of a horror and nightmare we can only but fathom. This woman does not permit emotions nor selfishness of dollar signs to cloud the best interest of all impacted in this matter. A matter that does affect us ALL as a society.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

There IS Overwhelming Evidence...But You Must Overcome Your...

Back in my mid teens I remember my 'Uncle Johnny', who was a laborer for one of the local big car manufacturer's (I wanna say Ford) up there in Twinsburg, just pitchin' a bitch about how our country was goin down the tubes. This would have been back in the late 70's. I unfortunately wasn't interested in 'all that'. Although unlike some, I didn't find it bothersome that he would take up this gripe.

The thing of it is people don't wanna be bothered by the truth. I think denial is a societal phenomenon here in America especially. We appear to be so comfortable even in the midst of recession and bailouts. It's amazing what we can scan, glimpse, take in and then move right on to what apps are hot for our smartphones, what we're gonna do for Labor Day/any upcoming holiday, making a list of 'To Do' tasks for around the house, where we're going for those school supplies...and on, and on, and on it goes.

I remember learning about something called 'comfort zones'. This from Wikipedia on comfort zones;  "A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security. Like inertia, a person who has established a comfort zone in a particular axis of his or her life, will tend to stay within that zone without stepping outside of it. To step outside a comfort zone, a person must experiment with new and different behaviours, and then experience the new and different responses that then occur within their environment."  

So like a rubber band, we take in something new- our comfort zones get stretched outside of their boundaries, and then 10 to 15 minutes later (or less) it snaps right back!! We think "We'll get back to it". But that's where our comfort zones and denial (go ahead, read it again at the top there) come to the rescue. The rescue...he he. Ahhh....rescue, ya for those with power and greed as their North Star.

I lived for many, many years thinking people could be no more harmful in their intentions than as was I. That's called 'projection' I believe. And then I could no longer deny the recklessness of human beings who don't or can't live from their hearts. They cause and inflict a lot of damage, more often in the name of good. They can cause a great deal of chaos.

When the collective recklessness and irresponsibility of those whom I had drawn into my life (thanks to an abusive and dysfunctional childhood where I honestly hadn't learned what 'normal' should be, or that I certainly was deserving of it) came to a head - it became REEEEAAAALLLY messy (that I'll get to on my other blog www.itstartedinoxnard.blogspot.com). It was at that point that I started questioning some of the things my Uncle Johnny had fussed over and carried on about. That usually doesn't make you too popular....when you go upsettin people's denial and comfort zones....but here it goes....

I want to introduce you to a gentleman who really impressed me with his credentials/credibility, intelligence, articulation and humility. His name is G. Edward Griffin and there are two sites where I will direct you to his work. Obviously you can simply Google his name and go from there too. His site: Freedom Force International

First watch the video introduction,  it's right under their logo at the top, click there. Next after reading their 'Welcome' you'll be guided towards the bottom of that page where there'll be a box that instructs a first-time visitor to 'click here' for the essays. That will take you to the 'Issues' page, read it and you'll once again be down at the bottom where you will find the series of articles he's written entitled "The Future Is Calling" available in PDF;
Part 1: The Chasm
Part 2: Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas
Part 3: Days of Infamy
Part 4: The War on Terrorism
The fifth part "An Idea Whose Hour Has Come" is in video/film form, you can use his link right there beneath the previous 4 parts or You Tube it (and that's the second site where I would direct you for much on him).

But absolutely - do not put this off, and remember as you educate yourself you will be working in the face of our human inclination to stay in homeostasis, and adhere to denial (go ahead, read it again up there) as well as struggle to stay close to that comfort zone you've lived within for oh so many years now.

Mr. Griffin is right, your future is calling, and if we remain in homeostasis, denial, our comfort zones - it's not a pretty one. We have a choice.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Living Free

I came across these comments from the following post; http://www.corrections.com/news/article/30787-it-it-saves-one-child
If It Saves One Child
By Shelly Stow
Published: 07/02/2012

Please do visit and read, including ALL thoughtful comments.

Sherika61 on 07/05/2012:
AWESOME article. Here is a letter I wish would be sent to anyone and everyone maybe if they could see Life through the eyes of an Offenders child they might get it. Please feel free to copy and paste and send it to all!!!! ( This was written after listening to kids of all ages tell me what their lives are like now!) The Forgotten Children (Life as a Child of a Sex Offender) I would like to take the time to tell you what it is like to be a child of a Sex Offender. I wake up every day wondering how many signs may be on our front lawn. How many people are going to ride by our house and point and take pictures? How many people are going to watch every move we make today? How many times are people going to call the police because my parent has done something, which for an average person would be normal but because they know a Sex Offender lives here that activity with their child looks suspicious? How many more birthdays will be with just family because parents will not let their kids come to my party. How many parties will I not be invited to? How many more games will my parent not be allowed to watch me play? How many field trips will I not attend because it is too hard to listen to the whispers of the parents? Are we gonna have to move again because my parent cannot find a job to pay for rent? Are we gonna have to stay in the car again; because it is hard to find a place to live, because our government has decided we are Prohibited to live in Low Income Housing???? How many YEARS am I gonna have to watch my parent cry with frustration because they can’t provide even the simplest life for our family. Some kids can’t even have any contact with their parent!! Why is it everyone wants to Protect children but NO ONE thinks about me or kids in the same situation as me?? Can anyone answer that question??? Why do we not count? I was always taught to do the right thing and if you didn’t you would have to pay for it. I did not know that meant you would pay for the rest of your life. I did not know that people would treat you as an outcast forever!!!! The Bible says; you should forgive. The Constitution (which I learned in school) says we have rights, but it seems to me if your parent is a Sex Offender the Constitution DOES NOT APPLY. Otherwise how could they make laws that are Retroactive? Laws that continue punishing the person (and their family) forever. Prohibit us from living somewhere or prohibit us from free travel. Is the Constitution obsolete now??? I know everyone says these are not laws but civil regulations but in my mind regulations are the same thing as a law. They tell you what you can or can’t do and if you DO NOT follow them, you go back to prison!!! So, what is the difference between laws and regulations? I have also noticed that the same laws that punish my parent do not always punish others who have committed the same crime. Is that because they are public figures( Professional Athletes, Government Officials, sons of Well Known Advocates, or people who have tons of money) and society is ok with them committing the crimes????? (I watch the news, read newspapers and research stuff on the internet) This affects my life everyday so I must pay attention. I am hoping someday before it is too late that I too can have a normal life. Not always be a VICTIM of societies unfounded FEAR of all people labeled a Sex Offender. They are not all MONSTERS!!!!! Maybe if people looked into their own lives they would realize they too could be considered a Sex Offender for things they have done. Maybe even if these laws were in affect a long time ago you or someone in your family could be one!!! I cannot give you my real name as I fear it would put us in more danger, so I will give you a name for the life I wish I had. Thank You for listening, Living Free

Muffin on 07/02/2012:
[...Sic] I am crying as I read this. I was one of those children whose dad was on the registry, and I can't even begin to tell the torment we suffered, and, as this is a positive article, I won't. All I could think about, other than my own experiences, was those two little boys in Washington State whose dad (Gary Blanton) was murdered by some vigilante because he was on the registry. Now those children will grow up with no father. At least I had my dad with me, and he loved us so much, and the people who felt we all deserved to suffer and even die were never as damaging as having my father's and my mother's love were redeeming. Thank you for printing this article.

I would like to thank Ms. Stow, 'Sherika61' and 'Muffin' for their contributions. I want rightfully to live as the human being that I am. My children will never know what they lost, what was taken from them. One day when I feel I'm more 'free' to do so, I will write and blog on such things.  ...Until I am able to share my children's story, and my story.....