Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Do You Feel Grateful, But Struggle?

I have a lot to be grateful for, but at the same time, like most of us in this country I struggle. Health, both my physical and mental are in need of treatment, care and improvement. The biggest struggle I've had that's greatly impacted the quality of my life personally is that regarding money and finances. Ten years ago now my life took a turn I would never have imagined. I moved through it best I've been able, it's been a process, and afterwards many aspects of daily life have been forever negatively impacted. I have not had traditional employment in a few years. When I did, the pay was scarcely minimum wage. I've been trying to live from the monies earned by donating plasma, that and food stamps benefits. Those are some pretty tough margins to live within financially. 

When I first heard of the idea that the Federal Reserve was nothing to do with anything Federal, but is a private business, this was in 2010. A curious thing. I always wondered where money came from. I mean they just make it! It's simply printed. These are the people that get to make it, a group of global 'bankers'. Not much different than when you're playing monopoly and YOU'RE the banker. YOU control handing out the money, and collecting the money. What a scheme.

There are some very easy to understand videos on You Tube one can locate by using these phrases; 'Fiat Money', 'Money as Debt'. Some of them in cartoon form. It's a pretty 'heavy' subject, these have been able to simplify the concept and keep it 'light'; interesting and entertaining. Entertaining is truly the 'key', for that's the next area of knowledge and understanding that opened up for me. Our lives are pretty much a cycle of earning and spending money. Think about that, especially if your initial reaction is one of objection or insult to the idea. I would say many of us have come to this realization, but are kept so busy and distracted (and entertained), well -it's just a 'part of life', we pick up and go on accepting it. Everybody else around us does. It's not like questioning it is gonna change anything, right? I mean where or how would we EVEN START?!

I found out more by reading G. Edward Griffin. His website hosts a tremendous amount of research, and Mr. Griffin really ENCOURAGES you to do your own research, not simply take his or any one person's word. The more you look into this, the more it's both confirmed while the deeper the information grows. Astonishing isn't sufficient enough to describe the revelations, more like horrific. One begins to learn and understand why and how the term 'conspiracy theorists' was derived and put out there. If your big brother wanted to help himself to your diary, you might make him feel like a 'sissy' or a 'freak' for even wanting to read a girl's diary. You might attack his ego and demean him to dissuade the natural inclination of curiosity, you might bring others into this as a 'collective assault' to more effectively manipulate the outcome toward your favor. In this scenario though the party lacking integrity is being manipulated by the party who has every right to their privacy being respected, but does that justify nefarious manipulations?  If an individual or group of individuals wanted to get away with behaviors which were wrong and illegal, for which they could be held accountable, even made criminal, you suppose there would be enough at stake for them to care to learn how to manipulate the behaviors of those which they SHOULD be answering to? 

When I saw a video put out by Storm Clouds Gathering (You Tube, it sure can expediate one's knowledge base -on an almost endless number of topics!) regarding 'Psychology of the Crowd', boy oh boy were 'dots connected'. I can't emphasize enough the insult one must endure on this journey of fact-finding and revealing of truth. What has been done to us, as a culture, as a species, as a planet, atrocious can't begin to define it. It so much reminds me of how when one partner is being betrayed and cheated on by the other. These scenarios happen all the time. Have you ever attempted to tell a friend or someone with whom you associate, that this is being done by someone they trust or care about? It is NOT easy. In fact, sometimes you're viewed as the 'betrayer', the 'liar'! I've known of people who simply kept it to themselves because they were unsure of the reaction and ensuing treatment they would encounter. Being aware while watching another go through the tragedy of being deceived and lied to, is a deeply uncomfortable dilemma. "Damned if you do, damned if you don't."

This is pretty much what Neo, the character in the Matrix movie is being told when Morpheus explains; the very minds of the people we are trying to save... are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy... many are not ready to be unplugged... they are so injured, hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it. In our above scenario that man, that woman whose partner is supposed to be legitimate in the care and concern for him / her, sees YOU offering the 'truth', as their enemy. The enemy is doing harm, it could not be the one they trust and believe in. That man or woman is dependent, through their love, emotional connection, etc., etc., on their partner, they are going to fight YOU, the enemy with the 'truth', to protect what they perceive themselves as having / needing.

While I can not fault any of us in such denial, in some form most of us have been on either side, as a victim or perpetrator (wrong-doer), it simply must be addressed. We must be willing to face the fear. I think we have to first acknowledge the fear, validate that natural reaction. But know we can not respond intelligently without first being willing to find the courage for honesty. To be honest, first with ourselves. What will 'it' mean, to admit we are being deceived, lied to, tricked, betrayed, used? The real attack is that being of our best interests, not of our egos any how! The care and freedom of every single human being and our planet as well is being denied, withheld. If we so desire, we can radically alter our present circumstances. But first we have to forgo our egos. We must face our fears. We do have not merely options, but the ability to choose lives that can be lived out in freedom.

This is not our current state of existence. Certainly no person with reasonable, legitimate skills of observation can deny the facts. I challenge you, for your own sake and that of our fellow human beings as well as the planet itself, to look up Fiat Money, Money as Debt, G. Edward Griffin, Storm Clouds Gathering, Psychology of the Crowd. I challenge you to employ your skills of observation, while putting first the best interest of ourselves as a species (not any one's ego), and to move forward with the courage to claim the freedom of life on this planet given to us by the right of our birth on to it...

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